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About Our Programs:

All of our wildlife programs are unique and amazing experiences that introduce our audiences to animals from around the world as well as those that live in our own backyards. Our programs are perfect for all sorts of venues and occasions including schools, libraries, scouts, nature centers, festivals, fairs, birthdays and special events.

Our programs can be specifically tailored to meet the needs of your group, students and guests. If you don’t see it below, it doesn’t mean we can’t do it. Below are our set programs, however, we have done programs just on birds, African animals, and Brazil to name a few. All of our school programs meet SOLs and cover many of them in each program. So whether you are a school or a library or an individual looking for some incredible animals for your next event, we have what you need.

Wildlife Ambassadors, Where The Wild Things Teach!


Wild Virginia:  Meet your backyard neighbors and learn about their natural history as well as ways humans can help and not hurt native wildlife. Focus is on survival skills of area wildlife, the impact of humans on our wild neighbors and  the importance each of these animals has to our ecosystem. Animals may include Eastern screech owl, box turtle, corn snake, opossum, rabbit and animal artifacts.


000_0037 Rain Forest Rescue

Travel to the tropical rain forests of South America, Africa and Indonesia to discover their beauty and importance as we meet majestic macaws, African grey parrot and umbrella cockatoo. * For schools this program emphasizes the characteristics of the tropical rain forest as well as its inhabitants. 


redknee tarantula  Creepy Crawlies

Discover some of the most feared and misunderstood animals as we meet them up close and uncover the myths about creatures such as poisonous toads, pythons, spiders, opossum and hissing cockroaches. * Schools can choose to adapt this program to compare invertebrates vs. vertebrate


                                                                             Amazing Animals

Meet animals from all walks of life as we find out how animals survive, raise their young and live in their unique habitats. Animals will include birds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians. *For schools emphasis is on animal classification and habitats/ecosystems.



Wildlife in Winter

As the temperatures dip and snow begins to fall, what happens to the animals? This programs explores migration, adaptation and hibernation. Meet an Eastern screech owl, opossum, snakes turtle, bunny, ferret. * Excellent school program that meets many VA SOLs.




Assembly programs: This style program is used for audiences larger than 30. Perfect for schools, libraries, stage shows at events and more.

30 minute assembly = $250, each additional $200

45 minute assembly = $325, each additional $250

Hands on/Small group programs: This style program is great for smaller audiences of no more than 30. Perfect for preschools, classrooms, small meetings and birthday parties.mac and turtle * For birthdays we ask that groups are no larger than 20.

30 minute small group= $220, each additional $170

45 minute small group = $250, each additional $200

Wildlife Encounters– This style program is perfect for fairs and festivals or events that last a few hours. It is an informal setup allowing guests to visit with animals, artifacts and speak with a Wildlife Educator during the duration of the event. Wildlife Encounters are customized for your particular event so please call for pricing.

Mileage Fees:  Please call to inquire about mileage fees if you are outside Loudoun county, VA. We generally will travel within one hour of our location and we do not charge mileage for Loudoun county programs.


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